Cat DIY Workshop: 7 ideas to refresh your pet this summer!

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While it is difficult for humans to endure the sometimes sweltering summer heat, so are pets, especially dogs or cats. You do not have to equip yourself with expensive air conditioning to protect your pet from the heat wave. Watch out for the thermometer which rises and is around 30 ° C or more. Discover great tips for refresh your loyal animal during the summer to reduce the heatstroke of your four-legged friend.

Tip 1: The essential soothing mist

Spray your pet (bypassing the eyes) using a fogger or a spray ideally placed in the refrigerator. You can then moisten his favorite accessories (carpet, cushion, cat tree, kennel, etc.).

Tip 2: A freshly preserved house

Mop to refresh the ground of your interior, or water that of your terrace, without detergent so as not to poison it.

Gently clean your pet with a washcloth to give it some moisture on its thick coat: wash it under the paws, stomach and neck.

Perform a frequent brushing of its coat in order to remove the balls of dead hair which could keep it warm. Repeat the operation by passing the brush this time under running water. Kiss Cool effect guaranteed!

Feed it moist foods such as jelly or the fresh mash. You can decorate his meals with some fruit or raw vegetables. Also think about moisten your croquettes favorites that will only be better and thirst-quenching.

The water sports (a simple garden hose, the automatic watering of your garden, the water fountain), will offer a sacred moment of complicity between your children and your animal, while lowering its body temperature. Keep in mind that this fun time will be limited at the risk of getting too short of breath.

Make a small swimming pool, either by recovering the sandbox of your little one, or by buying a plastic baby pool. Inflatables are not adaptable and will surely pierce on contact with your companion’s claws. Like children, he must be kept under surveillance to avoid drowning.

Here is some common mistakes that you would be tempted to do logically, thinking you are doing well.

  • Thoroughly wet your animal and let it dry outside: on the body of the soaked animal, the sun is easily reflected, creating the opposite effect. After bathing, it is therefore advisable to wipe it dry with a terry towel.

  • Trim your pet’s hair: if you clean shave his coat, his fragile skin will be exposed to UV rays causing inevitable sunburns and dangerous for his health. Better to lighten your fur slightly for the season.

  • Drink ice or salt water: hydrating your dog or cat is essential with pure water at room temperature and not freezing. Sea water is strongly discouraged, as it can be toxic and seriously dehydrate your pet.

Without investing, you can offer your best friend soothing and relaxing solutions in order to counter the heat. You will spend a serene summer, in the shade and in the cool, in the company of your faithful animal in top form. Favor moments of rest and then reduce the usual too intense physical activities.

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