Cat Communicating with Animals: Interview in 10 questions

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This blog post is for all owners of pets or farm animals, dogs, cats, horses, NACs, etc. Accessible to everyone and variable according to the sensitivity of each, animal communication allows you to understand your pet through thought. A little esoteric or weird for some, communicate with animals nothing far-fetched, far from it. Zoomalia had the honor of meeting Carole bardon, an expert in animal communication who explains how it works. The purpose of this interview is not to convince you, but to make you discover the gift of yourself, the letting go, the animal consciousness. You are free to believe it or not, you can try the experience with an interpreter in whom you have complete confidence or follow recognized training.
After the agreement of the family, the practitioner commits to the master to restore thoughts, images, emotions or sensations induced through the soul of the animal, whether it is alive or not. To do this, he can ask him questions, send him a message, and feel vibrations, a sense of smell, a noise, an image … These telepathic sessions require a lot of energy and concentration, this gift is not necessarily innate. Moreover, many professionals such as veterinarians, behaviorists or dog trainers call on communication with animals in order to obtain additional and influential information. Here are 10 exclusive questions around a learned spiritual animal profession that has nothing scientific about it, which deliberately comes to the aid of Science.

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1. Communicating with Animals: Can you explain to us what animal communication consists of?

Animal communication is all about connecting to the soul of an animal. It is a telepathic connection that allows communicate with animals. It allows the transmission of information between two consciousnesses through images, smells, noises, physical feelings or emotional sensations.

2. How long have you been practicing animal communication?

I was trained in animal communication during the covid-19 crisis. I met a very recognized trainer in Lyon and I had the chance to train on more than 100 animals in a very short time.

Having studied with horses and in dog breeding, I have always been surrounded by animal professionals. Animal communication is a great help to us on a daily basis with our pets.

3. Is it a gift or can we learn to communicate with animals?

“Animal communication is not a gift, it is a telepathic connection.” From birth, all living things have this innate and genetic ability, which we humans lose as we evolve on Earth.

Animal communication is learned over several months with a professional in the field (take the time to find a trainer referenced on the internet because many invent themselves as animal communicators).

4. For what reasons can we call on you?

Animal communication is widely used for solve problems encountered with your animals such as: What to do when my dog ​​barks all day for no reason? What to do when my cat urinates all over the house? What to do when my horse is afraid while riding? What to do when my rabbit is circling in its cage? These are examples for which I can intervene.

5. How does an animal communication session take place?

First of all, you need some essential information before starting the session:

  • a photo of the animal;
  • his first name and age;
  • the first name of the master;
  • three questions that the adopter wishes to ask him;
  • the possibility of explaining an existing problem between the animal and its owner in order to respond appropriately and find a solution.

I connect to the animal telepathically, whether it is present or not, near me or far away. Our space-time does not exist in telepathy which reaches without distance the receiver of communication. The questioned animal sends me signals (images, smells, noises, sensory or physical emotions).

I then proceed to a comprehensible translation for the man and transcribe by email a very precise report. If necessary, I remain at your disposal, reachable by phone at 06 21 46 70 95.

To find out more, discover this documentary and get into the skin of animals thanks to Laila Del Monte!

6. What species of animals can you communicate with?

Animal communication makes it possible to connect with all domestic or wild animals.

7. When did you realize you could communicate with animals?

Being a subject still very abstract for many of us, 2 years ago, a friend offered me to discover animal communication, I accepted especially since she did not know my animals. It turned out that I recovered a dog with a heavy past, thanks to her animal communication, she was able to retrace her life course.

She was right on all animal communication which made me want to educate myself and learn this amazing and exciting communication.

8. Have you ever “saved” an animal?

So we can say yes. One day, on social networks, a young girl contacted me totally distraught, she had recovered a former 17-year-old racing mare who had worked all her life and who was letting herself die at a horse dealer. She decides to save her wholeheartedly.

Once the mare settled in her new meadow, she found herself with hay at will, and since she was undernourished for quite a few years before, the mare ate all day without ever being satiated. This caused him to have colic (stomach twists) several times a week (6). The veterinarian had no other solutions than to offer his sitter to bite her, because so many colic in 1 week it was not livable for his mare (very suffering) and he could not find a solution for keep him from eating so much all the time.

Her babysitter had the good idea to bring me in at that point. I got in touch with this mare to talk to her and explain to her that she was safe today. She could take the time to eat and rest quietly. We had to make 2 communications so that the mare understood what was expected of her and why. Her babysitter often gives me news, since she lives happy days in retirement and without daily colic.

9. Why do you think animal communication is used more and more by animal owners?

Animal communication is used more by pet owners because I think we are moving towards a healthier planet with more mentalities. attentive to animal welfare. We know that animals bring us a lot and help us move through stages in our life.

I think the human wants understand more about your pet to make him the happiest on earth. People in the field of animal health help us to care for them, but on a daily basis, even though animals are very expressive, what is going on in their head is still difficult to know. Animal communication brings a plus in the daily life of the keeper. It allows caretakers to know what their animals are thinking and to evolve with them.

10. A message for our readers who wish to practice animal communication?

Of leave your mind and apprehensions aside, the time for animal communication and to let your animal reveal itself to evolve together.

Pets have their own languages ​​and are undoubtedly real sentinels for their owners. It is possible to learn to communicate with animals by putting all his heart and his conviction into it. A sudden change in behavior? The apprehension of an operation? An impacting family event like the arrival of a baby? If you want to better understand your pet, then call on a trusted animal communicator who will be able to help you interact with your four-legged protégé. Contact Carole on Instagram, Facebook or go online on her official website.

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