Cat Catio: 7 expert tips for designing a cat patio

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Catio : 7 conseils d

You are worried about the many dangers that surround your purebred cat outdoors. You wish limit your runaways frequent in order to prevent it from being stolen or from fighting with other cats. You fear that your unsterilized cat will come back pregnant, so your apartment cat is fearful, sick or recovering … The recent adoption of a kitten, a new move or a risk of defenestration are all situations that encourage our Zoomalia experts to find the best solution for your feline in order to keep it close to you safely without depriving it of its freedom. Answer … the Catio is the perfect compromise!
This is a outdoor cat enclosure which offers a closed space in which your feline evolves and enjoys the outdoors while having fun. Ideal on a balcony, a small garden or a terrace. He moves freely from his house to his cat patio thanks to a special cat flap. No need to watch it or spend hours looking for it. Follow our 7 tips for fit out your catio, worthy of a haven of peace for cats.

1. A Catio in the shade and in the shelter

In order to avoid any frustrations linked to the deprivation of his wild freedom, arrange for your cat a catio attractive, practical and as comfortable as possible. Your feline must be able to take shelter and take shelter in the shade so as not to suffer from the heat or on the contrary find himself soaked after a sudden wind of rain.

2. A Scratching post for a beauty catio

The cat scratching post is the inseparable accessory of the feline. It allows you to naturally file its claws and prevent its scratches from ending up on your furniture. It is all the more useful for an indoor cat who needs to use his claws more on hard ground, unlike outdoor cats who do so on asphalt. And then, you will give your companion a playful habit, a leisure activity, a daily hygienic care associated with his beautiful catio.

3. A bed in his catio to daydream

A cat bed, a few cushions, a rug, a basket or a small kennel will have the chic to create a cozy corner suitable for your feline. The good air is exhausting! After a few acrobatics here and there in the catio, a meow or two to get the neighbour’s attention, a game of hunting with his favorite cuddly mouse, and spectacular jumps, here is our slightly tired cat who needs to recover. And you know how much your cat loves to sleep and bay crows!

4. A cat tree adapted to catio

The cat tree has the ingenuity of uniting both a scratching post and a bed. If your catio is rather small and you want to optimize the space inside to give your cat maximum freedom of movement, opt for the cat tree. This playful equipment allows your pet to take refuge in a hiding place, to observe its environment perched on a tower or to patiently wait for your longed-for return.

Different models exist in our online catalog. From the smallest to the largest … from minimalist to sleek design … your cat will love it to let off steam, maintain its claws or rest for a long time.

5. A bowl of water and croquettes at the catio restaurant

Your cat must be able to meet his basic needs in the catio. For this, it is essential to provide him with his litter box with an absorbent ecological litter, his bowl of fresh water and his meal. Think of the water fountain for pure water accessible 24 hours a day, and an airtight kibble dispenser that shelters its food from the air. The freshly served mash should not be left outside in the catio, it will be removed as soon as it is consumed or offered for the evening meal in order to get rid of it quickly and avoid the attraction of harmful insects.

6. Platforms for a catio all in height

Felines like to bask in the sun, listen to the twittering of the birds in the garden or the sound of flowing water at will… They also like to gain height, to look out or take a nap and watch passers-by. Thus, they feel really safe and ready to hunt the little ant, or the little field mouse, which might have the misfortune of crossing their private catio.

If your catio does not have a shelf, then install stacked wooden crates or attach a board or branch to the catio to create the desired platform. Your cat will have the pleasure of discovering lots of different and stimulating little spaces.

7. An agility course for cats in the image of a sports catio

Give your domestic cat interactive toys that are safe to swallow so that they can occupy themselves while you are away. Agility, speed and show jumping will allow your athletic cat to stay active and not get bored.

If your catio has enough places, plan a tunnel or a large sheath creating a sheltered and secure passage between the patio and the interior of the house through your cat flap for example. In addition, a ramp or a solid branch will complete your catio to facilitate access to the platforms and allow your little balancer to let off steam as he pleases.

In short ! Your cat must be pleased in its catio, because it can stay there for hours. It is important to spend time with him once you are available after your workday. Hugs, games and privileged moments of exchange and communication will compensate for the loneliness he may have felt at one time or another, despite the strong feline independence that drives him, he does depend on your love.
Did you know that a cat can easily lock itself in a room of the house without wanting to, or eat a poisonous plant without knowing it, or even accidentally injure itself with a sharp object? It is for all these reasons that your mustache companion will be better in a cat patio well furnished by you, an outdoor enclosure for royal cats.

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