Cat Carrying bag for cats or dog crates? Gear up!

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Sac de transport pour chat ou cage pour chien ? Équipez-vous !

Traveling with your dog or cat requires taking precautions to transport them safely. Our zoomalian experts offer to help you make the best choice between a cat carrier bag or small dog or a dog cage.
What are their particularities and advantages? You will have to take into account certain criteria corresponding to your needs and the morphology of your companion. Thoughts on the ideal carry bag or the adapted transport cage to your outdoor getaway.

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Dog cage or transport bag: the strengths and differences

If you are a dog owner, the transport cage is perfectly compliant to move your companion, by car, plane, train, bus or boat. The cage is rigid, practical thanks to its wheels, its plastic solid or its aluminum are easily cleaned, providing better stability, especially in the trunk of your car, in the hold or cabin of an aircraft. Please note, air travel requires your transport cage to meet the IATA standard (International Air Transport Association).

The longer and more restrictive the journey, the better it will be to guarantee your animal a stable and reassuring place during your driving for a maximum comfort intended for the driver and his occupants. Namely, some cages are foldable for easy storage wherever you are. Their opening or closing systems are secure. Finally, you preserve your back admirably well, as you limit the carrying of heavy loads due to the presence of wheels and a handle.

The transport bag, meanwhile, is particularly suitable for cats, puppies and small dogs. The flexibility of this essential item allows you to be more mobile outdoors. Lightweight and more easy to manipulate than a cage, the transport bag has a wide handle or comfortable straps in order to carry your animal in an ergonomic way. Obviously, the size of your dog or your cat will be decisive in the choice of your model available on our online pet store.

Choosing the right dog carrier

Your transport container is to be expected according to the morphology of the animal. If you are the owner of a puppy or small dog, a cloth bag can be more than enough. On the contrary, if you have a large dog or a medium-sized dog, your choice will be directed towards an XXL cage reserved for example for breeds of dogs up to 50 kg (Labradors, German Shepherds, Boxers, Dobermans…). Thus, the aluminum versions will be perfectly suited to your needs. In addition, if you have to fly, you will need to equip yourself with a IATA approved body, at the risk of not being able to catch your flight.

Neutral or flashy colors and rounded or square shapes will probably seduce you, there is something for everyone in our specialized store.

Your pet should logically be able to stand and turn around without difficulty. Is your dog growing? The best is to anticipate its final adult size to make your purchase last. It is also recommended during a long journey, add a bowl of water and kibble in your cage, or even a comfortable bunk. The separation grid allows continuous contact.

So your pet will not feel trapped in his adequate cage and will enjoy a well-deserved rest in your company. Sure, he will have a lot of fun stretching his paws once out, but he will return to his cage again without reluctance knowing that a beautiful trip awaits him. Moreover, it may be a simple medical visit to the veterinarian, in which case, one bag may be sufficient for a small dog.

A transport bag to easily travel with your pet

What are your usage priorities? Are you planning rather short or occasional trips? If the transport cage seems bulky to you, especially in urban transport, a wide range of transport bag for cat or small dog is offered to you.

You will need to take your pet’s size into consideration so that they don’t feel too cramped in the bag and avoid muscle stiffness. While ensuring its safety and comfort, free your hands for a convenient and favorable mobility.

The casters make this travel bag a real transport accessory ideally suited to your travels. You will greatly appreciate the detachable shoulder strap attached to the bag to carry it on the shoulder with remarkable ease. Multiple openings, some transparent, will be necessary to monitor your companion and get him out with ease.

In addition, the backpack are excellent models for your nomadic mountain walks, for example. To make a quick run, there are cat handbags trendy and modern look. These will be preferred for quick outings that do not drag on, ultra-practical for extra outings, or weekends on vacation.

The material is really flexible, the various colors and patterns will make you happy. Take care of the openings facilitated by a zip and essential ventilation : your cat or your small dog must not run out of air and will be comfortably seated inside the bag. Even when subjected to severe strain, the fabric of the bag scratch resistant paws. Developed with a rigid bottom, this transport bag remains efficient during your nomadic walks.

And if you’re the type who never goes out without your loyal little dog or beloved cat, the carry bag will have a royal place in your daily life. Remember to place your bag in the back of your vehicle and fasten the seat belt to avoid road turbulence or limit motion sickness.

Very practical to transport, the bag and the cage are the flagship products on the occasion of going on vacation, an appointment with the veterinarian or a short getaway. From now on, you know how to choose the best product dedicated to your pet when you go on an excursion with him. Immediate take-off ?! Zoomalia wishes you both an excellent trip!

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