Cat Bowl: the application that scans your pet’s food

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You are very interested in food shopping in your home, for your family, your dog or your cat. The price is not the only selective criterion, the quality of the food and its composition remains a decisive variable in your choice.
Besides, you probably know Yuka, this revolutionary application which scan your food items and cosmetics during your shopping to make sure you buy eco-responsible and respectful of your health. The application Bowl from a Lyon start-up called Vetools, is based on the same principle by launching the challenge of decipher animal feed. Just one click and go!

Bowl, the collaborative application for all pet owners

Completely independent from the food industry and pharmaceutical laboratories, Gamelle analyzes the barcode of the product and helps you choose it’s clear your pet’s food. The main objective is to guide the consumer on his food choices for his dog or his cat in full knowledge of the facts.

Two essential criteria are thus noted: the quantity of sugar and protein per ration. The following indicators are scrupulously analyzed, signaled by a green, gray or red light depending on the case:

By scanning the barcode of food packages with your mobile phone, you get a respectable rating or not. Alternative proposals will be proposed as well as a price comparison.

The mobile application that scans your pet’s food takes stock of all the products on the shelves:

  • dry or wet food, dog or cat food, pâtés,
  • sweets, snacks or sticks,

  • packaged BARF raw foods.

Vetools honors and respects pets

Food is now at the center of everyone’s concerns. The same goes for our pets and the choice of ingredients they consume daily with each meal.

Nutrition and health are therefore inseparable. It is with this in mind that two Lyonnais, Ivan Jouravleff, engineer in agronomy and Laure Flandre biologist, founded Vetools and developed the Gamelle mobile application. Thanks to it, the master is immediately informed about the nutritional composition of foods before buying them and giving them to his animal. It is informed about the sugar and protein levels of the product in question. More than 3,000 references of croquettes or pâtés are saved on the application. In addition, the consumer can contribute to enriching the Gamelle database by transmitting the photo of the product which has not yet been listed.

An evolution of the program tends to provide other advice according to the specific characteristics of the animal: breed, age, weight, sterilized, pathology, sedentary or athletic, etc. The best is to test it quickly in order to see for yourself its usefulness. What are you waiting for to join the “Gamelleurs” family? Download Food Bowl for free on the App Store or Google Play.

In summary, the well-being and health of your four-legged friend is priceless. Choose the best for his bowl thanks to innovative, practical and effective tools on a daily basis. This makes it easier for you to shop for food in your home, especially in the choice of best dog food or cat food. Also follow the recommendations of our Zoomaliens experts in terms of animal feed and hygiene care.

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