Cat water fountain

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Design and decorative object for the home, but also mainly very useful for your cat, a water fountain will make an excellent gift for any animal lover, and cats in particular. But it can also be suitable for other small animals (even dogs) …

Why choose a water fountain?

Some cats only drink from their owner’s glass of water, others refuse to drink from any container and meow until you turn on the tap …

Did you know that cats don’t have the instinct to drink a lot? Wild cats get most of the moisture they need from the prey they catch. Since indoor cats cannot, they must drink plenty of water. In addition, if they mainly eat kibble, dehydrated foods, they must drink even more!

In nature, standing water is a breeding ground for bad bacteria that could make a cat seriously ill. Running water, on the other hand, is much safer, which is why many domestic cats still prefer this water. The water fountain, with its small waterfalls, keeps the water moving, so it attracts cats and encourages them to drink.

Miaustore Cat Water Fountain - Gray

A cat’s whiskers are incredibly sensitive and provide your feline with information about the space around them. Some cats are stressed when their whiskers are touched for no good reason, such as when drinking or eating from a bowl that is too deep. This condition is known as mustache stress (or fatigue). Thanks to the water fountains and their specially designed small basins, your cat’s whiskers will remain intact, so they can drink comfortably and without stress.

Ceramic, plastic or stainless steel?

Avoid plastic bowls! Plastic is a very soft material which is very sensitive to scratches. In addition, plastic is very difficult to clean, and the scratches accumulate grease and bacteria that can cause cat acne.

It would seem that a good alternative to plastic is metal, because it does not accumulate bacteria. Unfortunately, metal bowls can corrode over time, especially if you put water in them. In addition, water and food served in metal utensils may taste like metal to the cat.

So what is the best material? In my opinion, the best are ceramic bowls. Ceramic does not accumulate bacteria and is very easy to clean (it can be washed in the dishwasher). Ceramic bowls are also much heavier, so it’s difficult to tip them over or move them around.

Miaustore Cat Water Fountain - Emerald

Economical and ecological

At first glance, the price of a Miaustore water fountain may seem quite high. But due to the low power consumption, the annual cost of ceramic fountain is really low.

Indeed, the energy consumption of the fountain is 2.5W. If you expect the fountain to be in continuous use all year round, it will cost you only a few euros … But it is possible for you to further reduce the bill. Miaustore offers you, as an option, a motion sensor thanks to which the fountain will only work when your cat is nearby.

But one of the biggest advantages of the ceramic cat water fountain is thatthere is no need to buy filters (which are expensive) thanks to the quality of the ceramic used, which is resistant to the dishwasher.

So the Miaustore water fountain is ultimately one of the cheapest when you base it on the quality / price of the product!

What are the advantages of a Miaustore cat water fountain?

For your cat:

  • The cat drinks more. Indeed, cats do not like stagnant water, the movements of the water make them want to drink more.
  • Up to 8 different pools in which a cat can drink water: 3 moving surfaces, 3 small waterfalls, a fresh water outlet, and a calm surface. On 4 different heights. Each cat will find an access point adapted to its size and age.
  • It’s funny : some cats love to play with small waterfalls. In addition, a separate small pot is provided to put catnip in.
  • Recommended by veterinarians. Indeed, lack of water intake is one of the biggest known killers of adult cats, especially urinary and kidney disease.
Miaustore Cat Water Fountain - Blue

For you :

  • Design device, a “plus” for the decoration of your home.
  • Rugged scratch resistant ceramic treated to prevent bacteria growth, stain / rust resistant and odor free.
  • Large water capacity (3.4 liters), the water can stay for 10 days without the need to refill it.
  • Silent device, even when the water level is at its lowest, thanks to a unique pump system.
  • Very low power consumption. Optionally, you can add a motion detector. With this sensor, the fountain turns on as soon as the cat approaches a distance of 1.5m, then turns off when your cat moves away.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • No filter to add and change regularly.
  • All ceramic elements can be put in the dishwasher.
  • One year warranty. You can return the fountain for a year if your cat is not drinking from it.

Not yet convinced? We invite you to visit the Miaustore website to discover the different models of water fountains, each more beautiful than the next! For the moment, there are 10 models, including one in 22 karat gold in a limited version! And your cat will love it. 🙂

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