Canine pregnancy: what care is needed?

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Foto de Gestação canina: quais os cuidados necessários?

In any species, the pregnancy phase represents a very delicate moment that requires specific care and a lot of attention. With canine pregnancy, it is no different. When they go through this period, the bitches tend to be sensitive in several ways and for this reason, the presence of loving tutors is paramount.

If your dog is pregnant and you still don’t know how to deal with this situation, PetLab helps you! Continue reading and find out about the main details that permeate this special circumstance.

Understanding canine pregnancy

As with humans, canine pregnancies can occur in two ways: by planning or by accident. In either case, your pet will need all the support to stay healthy and happy during the process.

If you decide to plan your dog’s pregnancy, remember to consult a veterinarian in advance, perform all necessary tests and have a professional in choosing the male in question. After all, it is very important that your pet has a relationship with a dog in perfect health.

It is worth remembering that the pregnancy period in bitches lasts, approximately, from 58 to 68 days.

Phases of pregnancy in bitches

  • The first three weeks: when fertilization takes place, the bitch’s body begins to be impacted by the first signs of pregnancy, during this period, it will be possible to perform a serological test to confirm the pregnancy.
  • Between the fourth and sixth week: this is a very important moment of canine pregnancy, after all, this is where the physical structure and vital organs of pets begin to form. Increase the number of visits to the vet and be even more present for the dog.
  • The last few weeks: the puppies are almost ready to come into the world, at that moment, you can do an ultrasound to know how many there will be. It is likely that Mom is a little tired, after all, she is carrying a series of little ones. Be patient with her and dedicate a lot of love.
  • Time to welcome: when the long awaited day arrives, remember to choose a very peaceful and suitable place for delivery. Also, know how to respect your dog’s timing.

Multiplied happiness!

Ready. After a healthy delivery, just celebrate! Now your home will be presented with a happy mom pet and her puppies full of energy.

And above all, no selling the puppies! Pets do not deserve to be treated as objects of exchange.

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