Animal PMS-Better understand the reproductive cycle of pets

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Like us, dogs and cats are mammals, so they have numerous characteristics in common with our species when it comes to issues related to the functioning of the organism such as: systems and cycles. Therefore, just as women suffer from numerous factors in the fertile period, kittens and bitches also go through this process, Animal PMS.

The estrus period, or astral cycle as it is also called, is the moment when the reproductive cycle occurs in females and marks the entry of the pet into its adult life. The first heat may vary according to species, breeds and sizes, but the most common is that it occurs between seven months and one year of life.

This cycle lasts about 21 days and, in general, occurs twice a year. It is necessary to be very attentive to your puppy or cat at this moment, as many physical and behavioral changes can occur, in addition to the risk of diseases, wounds caused by “interested” males and even unwanted pregnancies.

What happens during animal PMS?

At the beginning of Animal PMS, between bitches it is possible to notice physical changes in the animal. The usual hormonal imbalances during this period cause bleeding and the vulva can increase considerably in size. At the beginning of the cycle, the males already notice estrus through odors and start trying to mate with the females, who still do not accept it and prefer to remain isolated.

Therefore, it is essential that the female in the astral period is distant from non-castrated males. At first, due to the isolation and non-acceptance of mating, which can cause injuries due to contact by force, and after the start of ovulation, females start wanting to mate, since this is the moment when they are in fact fertile and ready for fertilization, which can result in pregnancy.

Other physical changes may occur, but vary from animal to animal. Females may experience fever, increased appetite and a lot of thirst, as hormonal changes can cause diabetes.

But there are also hormonal factors that affect pets during Animal PMS, they can become much more needy, emotional and sensitive, causing them to often be quieter in their corners or more crafty close to their tutors.

Such changes are much more common among cats. They have drastic changes in behavior, ranging from much more affectionate to aggressive, they start to meow much louder, feel a greater desire to leave the house and start rubbing themselves in the four corners of the environment in which they live.

The outings of the cats can be very dangerous, not only because of the risk of pregnancy, but also because of all the threats that may exist on the streets, such as cars, mistreatment, poisons, among others. Therefore, the attention to your kitten during this period must be highly reinforced.

Another difference between Animal PMS of cats among that of bitches is in its periodicity, since among cats the cycle can happen every two months.

How to prevent this situation?

The best way to prevent pet females from suffering from all of these symptoms is through castration, which can be performed before the first heat, or after the first calf, if the tutor is interested in having puppies.

Castration in addition to preventing them from suffering from Animal PMS, can prevent the appearance of uterine tumors, health problems in old age due to menopause, among many other health problems.

Attention to the reproductive cycle of pets is very important so that we can take better care of our females, always with a lot of love, patience and affection.

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