100% customizable croquettes, is it possible?

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Are you looking for the perfect food for your dog? What if you could design custom kibble for your pet?

A diet specifically adapted to the needs of each dog is essential for a happy and healthy life. This is why it is important to know your dog’s needs well in order to create his ideal kibble recipe!

Tails.com allows you to create a unique recipe for your dog. First, you will be asked to describe your dog: his age, breed, state of health, physical activity, habits, and even favorite tastes. Then, you will discover THE recipe that best suits your pet. Most dogs love their unique recipe right off the bat. But, for those who are not convinced, you can modify it for free!

Custom personalized dog food - Tails.com

The ingredients used are of high quality, developed with veterinarians, without preservatives, without colorings, without added sugars and without artificial flavors. It is an excellent alternative to industrial kibbles!

In addition to the dry food, Tails also offers a variety of pies, treats and cookies for your dog.


Benefit from 2 free weeks, i.e. 28 free meals (you will only have to pay the delivery costs, i.e. € 2). Then, you will receive its kibble every month (every 2 weeks for the puppies). You can interrupt, postpone or cancel your deliveries at any time, with just a few clicks.

So what are you waiting for to try? Now create your dog’s profile and test the kibbles for free.

Other online pet stores offer dog and cat food, customizable or not, with or without cereals, as a subscription so you don’t forget to order and run out of food for your pets… You are spoiled for choice. What are you feeding your dog? Are you planning to change their diet? Tell us !

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