Video shows little dog that does everything to protect the belly of its pregnant owner

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She doesn’t even let the child’s father get close to the belly

Having a pet at home is gaining a new best friend and family member. O The bond that is created between the human and the pet can be so strong that no matter what the situation is, both will be there to protect and care for each other.

Dogs are the most protective animals we can have at home, their sense of vigilance keeps them nimble to alert and even to attack when deemed necessary.

In this case, we can see the strong connection that exists between a dog and its human. Its owner is pregnant, and this causes abrupt behavior changes in all members of the family, including the little dog.

She developed a strong instinct to protect her owner’s belly against anyone who tries to approach her.

Zayra, a beautiful Bull Terrier, took it seriously and mission to protect its owners and does not want any strangers to approach the mother’s womb.


All this extreme protection of Zayra with her owner’s belly was recorded on video and shared on all social networks. Images are recorded for the husband, and he begs Zayra to let him touch his wife.

“When she realized that my wife was pregnant, she changed her behavior and did not allow anyone to even approach me,” wrote the man who lives in Brazil.

It’s really touching how this smart puppy knows that a baby is coming and behaves like an older sister.

In fact, the hairy man understands that he must let the baby’s father touch the woman’s belly. However, his annoyance remains evident.

We don’t know what will happen to Zayra’s attitude when the baby is born, but, for sure, she will be a big sister who will protect all the steps of the new baby.

Source: Zoorpreendente


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