Elderly woman fears she won’t see her dog one last time. So your doctor comes on the scene

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This doctor went to great lengths to help make the wish of a patient about to die a reality.

An anonymous woman, who was nicknamed “Maria”, was 80 years old and had serious health problems. If thenearing the end of her life and confined to a hospital bed, Maria really wanted to see her longtime companion, the beloved dog Herman. She desperately wanted to be with the 11-year-old Terrier, and the medical team did everything to make this meeting happen.

“She had what we call respiratory failure and it happened so abruptly that there was nothing we could really do,” said doctor Ryan Sears to Fox News.

According to Fox, the animal was taken to a nearby shelter when Maia became ill and hospitalized. Dr. Sears then decided to go to the shelter in person to pick up Herman and take her to Maria for a final cuddle.This meeting was everything the woman needed before her final moments.

“The instant she saw you, I wanted to touch you, and you could see the change in Maria’s face. She was so happy to see her dog, ”recalled Dr. Sears.

Herman calmed down when he finally met with his owner. “She also wanted to be with Maria. We had to wrap it in a blanket because it was very electric, and we had a lot of equipment around the two. ”

Unfortunately, Maria died the next day, and Herman had to return to the shelter to await his new home. According to the elderly woman’s doctor, it was very important for her that the dog found a good home after she left.

Where is Herman now?

An early October newscast from Fox said Herman was adopted shortly afterwards, but unfortunately she was returned to the shelter after the family realized they could not dedicate themselves all the time to the dog.

She was once again put up for adoption and, according to her Petfinder profile, it looks like Herman has finally found a new home to live his next years in happiness and peace!

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