Check out 9 tips to assemble your dog’s suitcase when making a vacation trip

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Tips for packing your dog’s suitcase

Are you going to travel and take your pet? So, be sure to check this list with everything that can not be missing in your dog’s bag. This way, you can enjoy holidays and outings with your friend much more and guarantee fun. Check out everything he might need and don’t pass it up!

What to pack in the dog’s suitcase when going on vacation

Did you know that to travel with your animal friend you need to comply with some safety rules? Regardless of whether the trip is by car or plane, there are procedures to follow, both for national and international trips, so stay tuned!

And so as not to get too tight while traveling, write down useful tips for packing your pet’s bag!

  1. Handbag

Yes, your pet needs to have a handbag and in it you need to include treats and water. Just as your handbag is prepared, in the case of car trips, your dog also needs a “lunch box” with basic and emergency items. It should include:

  • The canine: has two compartments, one for water and the other for snacks / feed;
  • Collar and guide: for stops;
  • Medications: if he is undergoing any treatment or to prevent malaise and that he is agitated (prescribed by the veterinarian);
  • Waste bags;
  • Toys: animals are also bored and nothing like a toy to cheer you up.
  1. Drinking fountain

Be sure to take it, after all, your friend deserves to have a source of fresh, clean water whenever he needs it, do you agree? And speaking of water, don’t forget to bring a canteen so that it can hydrate during the walks.

  1. WC

It may sound strange, but we’re talking about your dog, so don’t forget to take his “bathroom”. Consider that your pet may be unsure of the changing environment and end up doing its needs in the wrong place. To avoid this, take the hygienic carpet that he is used to.

  1. Identification plate

There are many places to walk the dogs and in the visited destination you can have those famous parks where dogs run free. However, keep in mind that different places can make the animal restless and end up “running away”.

So that he doesn’t get lost when he walks, consider taking an identification plate, in addition to the guide and collar. That way, however far he goes without you, someone will end up finding and contacting you.

  1. Various toys

In addition to the toys to take in the car, consider taking the toys that your pet likes most so that he will be distracted while staying at the hotel. Worth stuffed animals, bones, balls, in short, which brings you closer to your family environment.

  1. Bed

Take the bed that your pet is already used to sleep, since smelling the familiar smell contributes to a good night’s sleep and more peace of mind.

  1. Have veterinarian contacts

Talk to your dog’s veterinarian and ask for directions from professional colleagues at the destination you are visiting. This helps a lot for any eventuality that may occur.

  1. Clothes

Is the destination cold? You will not forget to bring clothes for your pet and consider bringing extra pieces. In addition to the famous dresses / shirts, pack bandanas and accessories, as ties, after all, the pet is also on vacation and deserves to show off a little.

9. Documents

The vaccination card cannot be left out of the bag, in addition, depending on the destination visited, especially if it is international, you will need the animal’s health certificate.

So, did you write everything down to pack your dog’s suitcase? Missing any item? Complete for us by leaving your comment!

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